Cake with yoghurt and other adventures

February 2, 2016


Hi to my friends all over the world,

I promised to keep you up to date while my journey to Australia and New Zealand. So here is my first blogpost about my journey to the other side of the world. I can’t imagine I’ve been now for almost a week in New Zealand.

My journey took me via Dubai to my first stop Perth. I felt like I need to go there as one of the brides I photographed two years ago was from Perth. So I got all this great spots on my list about where to go during my 22hours stopover. I was really surreal to be in summer again after being in winter a few hours before. But well, I could adapt real quick. So I was wandering around for the day, enjoying summer and the beach. My next stop was Melbourne for another day. I booked my accommodation via Airbnb which I recommend to everybody traveling. It’s great to meet locals and to have a real home everywhere in the world. So I lived with Jen, who I found out is an Make-up artist and working as well at weddings – so funny ey. (by the way, ey is a quite often used expression in Down Under, meaning “right?”.) So I spent another day in Melbourne. I just love this city and I’ve been there as well last year. It’s a big city but it doesn’t appear like that as it is a quite wide spread out city with all these cute shops, sporty people and a lot of great musicians and artists.


“Life is sometimes about leaving your comfort zone
and trying new things”


I spent my first days with meeting my “old” friends and them taking me to all the beautiful spots as Piha and some nice spots around Auckland. A BIG thank you goes especially to my friends and photographers Catherine Viktoria and Kate Wark, for picking me up after arrival, bringing me a pillow, letting my sleep a little in your car while driving to beach to get rid of my jetlag and showing me around the West Coast during the first hours after my arrival. So funny – you Kiwis. So this is where I am right now: In summer in New Zealand where people love the sun AND the rain and thinking about my funny friend Johanna MacDonald who loves to dance in the rain. So funny. I’m looking forward to meet you here in the next weeks. I’ll go on as well with doing a lot of office work while I’m here in Auckland. I’m planing to put up a lot of my last years photoshoots that I didn’t have time to show. I’m looking forward to it. Sometimes it helps a lot being away from your regular home to focus more on the things you really want and need and to write down all your goals, to be earthed and to get some new energy for your new projects. So many hugs to all of you from the other side of the world. Enjoy your winter in Europe and take some time off to go swimming, meeting your friends and enjoying a cake with natural yoghurt instead of whipped cream, as I learnt last week people to here in New Zealand – which is really funny for me. But hey, it tastes really good. Just go for it and try new things.

Many hugs.




Portrait taken by Kate Wark
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