Hello Dolomites – Where Europe feels like Canada

January 27, 2023

Do you feel sometimes like you wanna have a small getaway to get out of your daily life, have some time for yourself, sort your mind and just spend some days on your own or with your besties in nature? As a city lover I do love the city, but sometimes I feel like I need some space to get out of my routine and out of my regular environment. Starting your journey early in the morning, watching the sunrise, the ROAD TRIP feels already so liberating and magical. Appreciating the wonders of nature and just watching the world through the window, while sitting in a cozy warm car with some tea, listening to some lovely music in the background.

I feel like sometimes places outside of your usual environment feel just right to make your feel calm, excited, thoughtful or whatever is the right thing for you in that moment. New places might feel right to sort your mind, your feelings and make it sometimes easier to think about important decisions. (Katharina Tempel)

In May I discovered the Dolomites the first time while I was driving spontaneously to Venice and found myself during the road trip in the middle of these beautiful mountains and bright blue lakes. Being just five hours away from home it felt like being in Canada (well at least I imagine Canada to be like that).

So here my bestie and I were on the way to the Dolomites for a small getway. It was Autumn and the forrest was shining in bright green and orange colours while we were admiring the turquoise water which was presenting itself in various green-blue tones. We visited the famous lago di braies, the Antholzer See, the Dürrensee and the Seiser Alm and greeted the first snow of the year. After the long walkes we enjoyed the Winkler Hotel sauna (thank for the recommendation Diana from (oohappydays) and the great night sky.

Have fun on your next road trip and let us know in the comments about your favourite road trip.

Pragser Wildsee / Lago di Braies
Antholzer See
Seiser Alm