The reason I love candid childhood pictures

February 14, 2018

Hi friends all over the world,
first of all many greetings from the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Do you still remember CHILDHOOD and all the fun things you did when you were little. Jumping over the fence, climbing up the trees, having a bath in the garden with your best friends or just chilling and sleeping in the shade of a tree in SUMMER. How about that pictures from this fun time, do you still have them? It doesn’t matter that much if the focus is perfect or if you dress has the perfect color. The MOMENT COUNTS and how you felt that day and how much fun it was. When I became a photographer a few years ago, I had that in my mind. Some FUNNY CANDID SHOTS that you will TREASURE FOREVER. It is so cool to be on a long grass field or at the beach in the morning or at sunset and have a good time. Even better when you have great pictures of that that have been printed. Many children I have been photographing are already in 6 years old and I love it when I visit them and they show me their candid pictures I took of them when they were little. Or the excitement when the families get the pictures after the photo session and their smiles when their open the package with their prints.

I myself have got as well a few candid pictures of my childhood that are sooo valuable for me. Luckily my parents had a friend who was a part-time photographer and he took pictures with his analog camera on a black and white film and he developed all on his own. So it is like 2 little albums and I love each of the pictures. Us kids having a fun day in summertime and playing in my grandparents and our big families garden in Poland when being back for a visit.
Nowadays it is easier to develop the pictures the digital way but we struggle quite often with doing less pictures and really go for good ones and make sure we print them. That is why I love doing prints for my clients. Sometimes I take a film camera as well for a day to get used to take less pictures and do value each one of them. So here is a little of my childhood and some pictures from the place I was born at. These pictures are the reason for my job nowadays. Being a photographer and loving candid pictures.
Hugs from summer and sending you all lots of sun. Have a great Valentines day.



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