How to create authentic family photos?

July 2, 2020

Which pictures of your childhood do you like the most? For me it is being crazy, authentic and having fun. For this photo session Leanie, a New Zealand photographer chose her happy place, Wenderholm near Auckland to have some family pictures taken at. A lovely reserve, surrounded by the sea. Her favourite season is autumn. We took some fun pictures with “Omi” around. Thank you so much for this fun session.

  • LOCATION: Choose a place you love. What is the place you (and your kids) love and you feel happy at. Regarding the light you might have to take the pictures from one side or another. Just give it a try. See from which direction the light might be the best. I do have some advice in the highlight “workshop” on instagram. Use some shade if you decide for midday photos. Mornings and evening are the best.
  • HAVE FUN: Make sure you have fun and your kids do what they love to do. Think about some fun activity or an adventure. Playing hide and seek, running around in gumboots, creating huge soap bubbles or discovering the nature. Be authentic and let your kids do their thing.
  • EYE LEVEL: Make sure to take the pictures on eye level and you are pretty close.
  • GO FOR IT: Take some nice shots while your kids feel like it.
  • ENJOY QUALITY TIME: Once you’ve got enough pictures, remember to put the camera on the side at some point and make sure to have enough quality time with your kids. If you feel like you are not often enough in the pictures. Get a photographer once a year or so or train your partner to take some nice pictures of you and your kids or learn how to put on the self-timer.