Perfect morning at Bay of Plenty – the art of being a mother

March 13, 2017

Hi friends and hello from New Zealand,

last week Catty from Poppy Moss Photography and I went to the Bay of Plenty to have a motherhood session with her little one. I haven’t seen these girls for a year and I couldn’t wait to photograph these beauties.

So we decided to have a spent some time down the bay at their batch. There was barely any reception and we had to put on the generator if we wanted to have some power. So cool.  In the evening we lightened up a few candles to have some light. It feels so good to escape for a few days and to live so close to the nature. Enjoying the sunset and watching the sea we had some funny talks and it felt like ages ago having a funny pyjama night with your girls in the evening.

It felt good to be offline for some time and just feel the nature. When we got up at 6 the sunrise was the best one I’ve ever seen. When I was looking at the water, I could see some dolphins jumping up. It was the first time in my life seeing dolphins. They were jumping around and greeting us in the morning while we were enjoying a perfect sunrise at the beach and taking some pictures with having just the calm turquoise water and some giant trees around.

The beautiful colours at sunrise made everything perfect and it felt like a perfect dream.

Thank you so much Catty from Poppy Moss Photography for this adventure here in New Zealand