May 29, 2020


WHAT a life. Phew. Welcome back. How crazy have this last weeks been. No hugging, kissing, touching and no small talks in person (due to the 2m distance rule). Sitting in a café after lockdown here in New Zealand and looking back at the last weeks and months. What did change? Do you think we needed that break to rethink our values and the life we live?

HOW ARE YOU DOING? Here in New Zealand it is not just a question like in some other countries. It is a question kiwis ask other people and they really mean it. It is ok to tell how you really feel and open up to people you know and don’t know.

Studies tell us it takes us just a few seconds to feel if you might have a chemistry with the other person. Having theses small talks with strangers in daily life is so much fun. People on the street while waiting for the lights to go green, a person in a café sitting next to you. Some other person might join and the small talks keeps going and going. It makes you feel like you are always part of society and it makes you feel welcome. I’m sure so many people suffer with loneliness these days and appreciate it a lot to open up and be part of the daily life and society. KEEP DOING THAT NEW ZEALANDERS. Here is a fun ARTICLE about it.

Last year I had an accident on the motorway here in New Zealands when my car stopped in the morning hours in the middle of the highway blocking the whole road. All the help I got from New Zealanders was amazing. It was just after I had a really hard time in LIFE with my dad passing away out of a sudden. It was a really hard and he is still missing. All the help I got during this time and the months after was so appreciated. These things show us about who our real friends and colleagues are and teach us what is important in life. Back to the story in New Zealand: So many people were helping me as well that day on the highway to move the car, to calm me down while I was standing on the side of the road and to have some long talks with me to cheer me up. It is times when you think can it be even worse and then there is these heros in life.

It can be COVID 19 or any other things you or the world was to go through which make us feel vulnerable. In the end all these things come and go. It is about the people in life we connect with and people that cross our life which make life amazing. So whereever you go, make sure to take care of others to make the world a better place and make sure to take care of yourself. Doing good always comes back to you. You know, Karma.

I learnt to always be brave and try to do things right away which takes sometimes a lot of courage. NEVER WAIT FOR THE OTHER DAY. I KNOW YOU’VE HEARD IT A THOUSAND TIMES, but it means there is something true about it. Tell a person if you like them, try new things, love, kiss, change your job if you feel like and connect. Be brave, go for it. If it is not not right now, the right time will come. Life is good and sometimes it takes a crisis to teach us about it. Kiwis attempt is to make thing easy and just go for it without overthinking. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do it. There is so many wonders out there. Just think of having fun and babies being born 9months later. Haha

GO FOR IT. Live an authentic life and go with your values.

The world needs you.