Your body is a wonderland

April 5, 2023

Let’s have some real talk. How do you feel about your body right now? Do you feel fine, do you appreciate it or do you feel like you wanna change a few things?

Your teenage years – all the new things

Do you remember being a kid and seeing the first changes of your body being like: Oh wow, I think I’m becoming a teenager now. As a girl I remember when my mum was the first time like: Oh, looks like your breast is growing. I didn’t even realise first. After that I could feel the body changing every day a little and it was very interesting to experience what the body can do and how many different ways your body can feel. There was so much more and a new world felt like opening up. What a feeling having your first O. . Still remember that? Remember how you appreciated your body for what it is and experiencing ever day a little more of this beauty and all the magic?!

Having your first period as a female

Do you remember watching “My girl” when she had her period first. This scene was so big for me. Nowadays I feel like we, as females are fighting our body so often and we are like: Oh no, I’m again on my period instead of appreciating the wonders of our body. We would like to be thinner, push our boobs with uncomfy bras, avoid cakes and yummy things just to fit the slim body type. I feel like finally society is changing a little. At least from what I see mainly in Europe. It is fine for woman to show some curves and the normal body type is more appreciated.

Eat what you feel like eating. Just listed to your body.

A New Zealand friend and meditation teacher called Justine told me a while ago that she loves buying groceries every day to see what her body needs and what she feels like buying. I love the idea. It made me realise that we should just eat what we feel like and don’t care about the carbs, sugar etc. Honestly, who even loves eating low-fat things – they taste like nothing. This was such a big change. Eating since then what I love. Best feeling ever to just listen to my body and not setting all these crazy boundaries. I think we see it best when looking at woman being pregnant when the body tells them what it needs right now and they just go for it.

You might go one size bigger when buying clothes

Regarding dresses I do go most of the times a size bigger to feel more comfy. So much better that squeezing into some small trousers, dresses and shirts. Especially when the female body is changing every day a little according to the female cycle. Honestly, having your period feels sometimes like being a few months pregnant. But your body is working lots, so dress comfy and don’t squeeze into these small uncomfy dresses. I even stopped wearing this stupid uncomfy bras. Who even invented them and honestly, who needs them for real. Go braless if you feel like it – just like the French females 🙂

Keep it natural

Plus since I stopped the pill I was never feeling super hungry again. When taking the pill I felt like I was craving for food all time and not being able to listen to my body. Way better since then. I always know where I’m at within my female cycle. Using no more tampons and having less coffee during my period made me having no pain at all during my period. Such a game changer.

Enjoy some normal, “simple” food

Since my body journey I felt like there is so many adverts out there: Try this protein powder, try that shake, this has no carbs blabla. Honestly, can it be better for your body than some fresh grown veggies and other natural food?! Once you avoid all the artificial food, normal food tastes so much better. Our bodies are perfect, listen to your body – and eat the cake with your friends. You might even share it-sharing is caring, don’t they say it. I believe if it tastes good it is good for us. Why even eating the food, which should be “so healthy”, but which tastes so bad? I’m done with that. Eating now what makes me happy and I feel so much better.

Embrace each part of your body

Enjoy your body, enjoy what magic the body is able to do. So much magic everyday. Healing when you cut yourself, feeling all the energies around you, how the body feels having a friend nearby that you like a lot, having a lovely shower and feeling the water on your skin, making love and how much magic it is. It works just like that, the magic of a pregnancy, and so many other things we could put out here as examples.

Enjoy everyday life and appreciate your body instead of fighting it. Have some gentle touches in the showers, enjoy your body shapes and life. You guys might think: OMG, as a female, I would tough my boobs each day. But it is not the case. I was just not thinking about it for sooo many years. They were “just there”. Many friends, told me that they would touch their breasts in the shower and it helped them to relax when they were stressed. So I reminded myself about how it was in my teenage years, seeing all the magic and appreciating my body again way more since then. When did you touch yourself last time gently and appreciated all your curves and your body parts? Start to feel again like a teenager seeing all the magic. So embrace your body and all your body parts and enjoy all the yummy food out there.

Thank you so much Nami for taking these wonderful pictures of myself. I’m so happy with them and you do so much magic out there showing woman to appreciate their body. You are magical.