Fun at Bethells Beach in New Zealand

March 11, 2017

Hi everyone and hello from Auckland,

my friend Catty from Poppy Moss Photography and I we just came back from a wedding in Coromandel. It was way more adventurous that we would have thought. The rain was pouring down while we had a ferry ride from an island to another and a photoshoot with the bridal party in some forrest and at the beach. We got quite wet but once it started to rain really hard we felt like being in a wet t-shirt contest. Well, we did the best and couldn’t stop laughing during taking pictures.

Late at night all the roads were closed and there was no way to drive back to Auckland. Luckily all the great fireman in New Zealand were on the road and just stopped us before our car would have been flooded. That was luck. Puh. So good we found a hotel to stay in for a few hours and we could make it make this morning after sunrise with driving super slowly up and down the mountains and  following the coastline. Puh. Can’t tell you how happy we are that we got home safe.

Last week I met my German friends Diana and Viki spontaneously and we went to the beach to watch the sunset. They just arrived in New Zealand and will spent some time over there watching the sunset at Bethells beach.



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