Newborn Shooting –Emilia83Neugeborenenfotografie


The photoshoot takes place in your own home. It’s the place, the newborn is familiar with and the place you feel comfortable and relaxed.


The best time for the photo session is within the first two weeks after birth. I will capture the wonderful & fascinating atmosphere of the first days after birth. During this period the newborns sleep a lot and it’s the best time to capture the tiny fingers and feet of your princess or your prince.


Having the photoshoot in the beginning, you will always remember the great time after birth, when your child was soo small and tiny ♥.


It is important to have for the shooting a warm, bright room as I photography with natural light only. You can propose some accessories, but you don’t have to, as I bring some nice accessories.


For any questions feel free to contact me.


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