Me, Myself and I


My name is Michaela and I’m fascinated about NEWBORNS, LOVELY PERSONALITIES and WEDDINGS.


I’m based in Germany, Stuttgart. I find myself often traveling & discovering new places and photographing all over the world. Here is a small about me video. The great thing I love about my job is to meet every day new fascinating persons and to share a special day in life with them. MOMENTS when people are getting married, the maternity of a woman or moments when parents hold their baby the first time in their arms. It might be as well a special day of your life that you want to capture just for you do make it your day.


My origins in photography are in Spain, where I started to study photography many years ago. My STYLE is very natural and authentic. My goal is to feel my clients comfortable in font of the camera, having a great experience and to capture you the way you are.


I love to capture moments when kids jump around and can’t stop laughing or special and intimate moments at a wedding. I love as well portrait sessions, reflecting your personality.


I’m fascinated about mornings, watching the sunrise and enjoying the atmosphere. I love the Fine Art Prints, vegetarian food, inline skating, reading MAGAZINES and creating romantic & authentic images in a documentary & fine art style.