Wedding & Newborn Albums

Do you remember looking at your grandmas pictures and the pictures of you being little? I love to hold prints in my hands. I make as well sure to include some prints in every package. Each one takes so many pictures every day but you never know what happens in some years. Will your hard drive still be ok or will there be a new technology. My clients tell me always that the love the prints and they looked at them so many times, because it is so easy.

An album or prints a great things to look at without the need of any technology and everybody loves them, because they are something special. It is important to make sure you develop the pictures at a great service provider with good quality. The qualities are so different when you compare them. The better quality if not always the more expensive one. I love to create some prints on matt paper and I always make sure the colors are as on the picture.

During the last months I spent a lot of time to create some beautiful wedding albums for my clients to create a great piece of art. I love these albums with a great linen look and the pictures being printed on fine art paper. These albums are now optional in each of my package. Enjoy