Vanessa & Fabién – Sunrise couple shoot on the island of Mallorca

You guys know, traveling is just my passion and I love it so much. Earlier this year I was for a couple of days on the island of Mallorca to take some portrait pictures and do spent some days on the island to do some office work. At least this was the plan. But as you know, plans are there to give you an idea about what you could do and life offers you always some great opportunities to change your plans. We just need to trust ourselves and be brave and take the opportunities and follow our heart.

So while I was on the island, I got a message from a friend of Vanessa telling me that her photographer couldn’t do the photo shoot they were planning and asking me about taking her couple pictures on the island. So we met for a morning coffee in a cute village and while walking through the alleys we decided to take some pictures. So here is the fun result of being brave and letting your life decide about the fun moments. This was just part one of our spontaneous day on the island and I’m so happy to having the chance to meet Vanessa & Fabién. It felt like we’ve been friends for years. Thank you so much for this fun morning with you on the island.

What are your next plans? Where are you traveling to. Be brave and enjoy life. Have a nice advent, enjoy the sunrise every morning, let life decide about your fun moments and be curious.




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