New Zealand – My journey goes on…

I have been now for more than two months in New Zealand. During this time I’ve been exploring the country and made so many friends. The photographers network is great and I’m really happy to be part of it. During the last months, I was traveling south to visit the South Island. My first stop was Wellington. It’s a great city with an amazing harbor and many awesome museums, nice boutiques, hilly streets and a great culture. It feels like a hippie-chic city. As there are as well many self-employed people, there are some coworking spaces that I really love. It is great to work together with others, share ideas and be surrounded by cool people.

After being for a couple of days in Wellington, I  jumped on the ferry to the south island. The journey reminded me of the movie scenes in “Lord of the Rings” and I felt like being part of the movie. The water color and the orange mountains were stunning. It felt like in paradise, being on the ferry and going pass the mountains.

In the south island I visited Kaikoura and I discovered many sleeping sealions at the beach when going for a walk during sunrise. Queenstown was another highlight on the journey. The city if full of adventurers and has got a great landscape. Over there I had the opportunity to meet with the photographer Jim Pollard. My next stop was in Dunedin where I met Emma who is very talented young photographer. We did a fun mentoring session at the beach and I was happy to share some advice. On the way back I had a fun SUV and I was driving up the east coast, all the way back to Picton to take the ferry back to the north island. While listening to some romantic fun music and singing along, I discovered this forrest on the mountain in the shape of a heart. I took a picture for you. It was amazing. Around Kaikoura I discovered Hapaku Lodge with these great tree houses.

Being back to Auckland, I met my photographer friends again and moved to Waiheke Island, where I’m living currently. I happy to know all theses great photographers around here. Especially Catherine Victoria, Kate Wark that I meet quite often. It is great to be surrounded by the people that feel and think the way you do. People with such a positive vibe. It makes life so much easier. On my journey I photographed as well a wedding together in Cambridge with photographer & power mum of two kids Renee Lansdowne. We had a fun time at the wedding. The next day we spent the morning at a café and some free time with just hanging out and talking.

Johanna Macdonald, a wedding photographer from Christchurch took some pictures of me, living here on this island. Thank you for that, Johanna. I’m working here on some personal projects and I’m preparing for the European wedding season, starting in May.

Many greeting to all of my friends all over the world and over here in New Zealand. Thank you so much for all your messages and your support. You rock.


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