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Can you think of the BEST VACATION ever and the most stunning moments when you felt like the world is so magical and full of wonders. I felt like this that week. Being currently on the plane from MALLORCA to my hometown in Germany I’m looking back with a big smile at last week. It was a busy week with many photoshoots and at the same time it felt like a fairy tale. Clients (and now friends) that I’ve been knowing for many years came to meet up on the island of Mallorca to have a vacation photo session over there.
Finally FAMILY DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY is not just a vision anymore but a dream come true.

How great is the feeling to meet people you know at PLACES you LOVE. Do you know that feeling of flying somewhere to meet your friends over there and discovering new places together. It makes you feel again like being a child or a teenager and discover many new things.
So there we were on the island, hanging out together, discovering places and I’ve been happy to photograph the kids I’m been knowing already as newborns. Looking back at the outcome of the photoshoot I’m getting all the message from HAPPY PARENTS and the wedding couple who’s wedding I’ve been photographing on the island of Mallorca.
The family sessions remind me of the photoshoot I had as well when I was a kid a long time ago. We love these pictures of us being little and doing the things kids to. Jumping around with your friends, being crazy, discovering the world and seeing everything as a LITTLE WONDER. Wild Strawberries, your feet touching a lake or sea, beautiful sunsets, running in long grass and all these funny moments.

Feeling so happy on the island and having my office over there made me feel wanting to move to the island. So here I am, ready to have my NEW BASE over there and to commute between MALLORCA, Germany and some other beautiful places.
Be brave and make your dreams come true. A BIG advice I read once it to

Do one brave thing a day

Many hugs from a happy Michaela