Keep it simple

Hello everybody, how are you doing? I can’t wait for spring & early summer to arrive in Europe. I love the warm breeze in the mornings, sitting outside in a café, having some funny photoshoots outside and enjoying the warm weather.

A few weeks ago I had this stunning photoshoot with Lily at the harbor in Auckland. It was a spontaneous idea. I had luck and Madeleine Page had some time that day and took care of hair& make-up and we had a spontaneous and easy photoshoot with lovely weather. So many times the simple things and the courage to be spontaneous are the best. A simple dress and some nice flowers and a great team. Happiness is sometimes so easy by making things simple. Call your friends and meet them, bake a simple and delicious cake like this one I baked in Auckland. Move cites by booking a plane and moving into a nice apartment, it’s easy like that. Plan a journey by packing a few things and starting with a first step. It is simple as that. Just be you and go for the things you love.




New Zealand Wedding Photography by Michaela Janetzko