Jess&Adam – Hawkes Bay Wedding – New Zealand

Hi friends from all over the world,

Kia ora and many hugs from Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been quite busy the last weeks with being at great weddings and doing a lot of office work. I was looking at all the pictures I want to put on my blog, planning my photoshoots this year and working on my goals. New environments often help you to focus on the things you love and you start seeing things from a different angle.

Today I want to show you a wedding I second shot last year with Catty from PoppyMossPhotography. Catty is a great New Zealand photographer. She is sooo funny and her little baby is super cute and always smiling – same as her mum. I still remember the moment last year when she told me that she was pregnant. Time goes by so fast.

One of the weddings I shot with her will be even in a New Zealand magazine. The couple was from Samoa and the wedding included some pacific island dancing. It was sooo gorgeous. So if somebody wants to start a class with me, I’m happy to learn that great “hula-hula” dance. I love that. Lucy from Lucy Rice Photography is another great wedding photographer that I had the chance to work with. She is as well so relaxed and fun to work with. I second shot with her a wedding in Tauranga, which is in the East of the North Island. It was the same location some scene of the New Zealand Bachelor were filmed. She has as a sweet little baby. I guess it’s baby time here in New Zealand.

I was as well able to have a behind the scenes look at the wedding work from Kate from Kate Wark Photography. Her weddings are super chic and she has a great editing style. Love it. Have a look at all the lovely brides. Super cute. So yes, these are the persons I’m spending my most time with over here. I’m learning so many things and I’m happy to connect to all these great photographers. It’s so much fun to connect with others and whatever field you are working in, you can just learn more every day.

So today I’m happy to publish this cute wedding. Thank you so much Catty for the chance to shoot this Hawkes Bay wedding with you. Jess and Adam are so cute and I love all the great details they prepared for their wedding. They did a great job. The landscape was as well amazing and one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe it. It was so cold in the mountains at the pre scouting in the morning and at the same time so hot at the beach a few miles away. This is truly New Zealand. Thank you friends for all the great time here in New Zealand. You are great. Many hugs as well to my friends from all the other parts of the world. A big thank you goes especially to Catty,Jess&Adam.


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