Family Destination Photography – Let’s get this started

Good morning everyone and happy Monday,

this Monday feels very special for me, it feels like a new beginning and I can’t wait to share it with you. I got up at 5.30 in the morning which watching the sunrise in the morning and I knew it is the perfect day for introducing you to “FAMILY DESTNATION PHOTOGRAPHY”.

Being in NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA in the past months I met so many great people and families along the journey and I was thinking about what makes me happy and what I love the most. Did you ever think of what makes you waking up in the morning and being full of energy? Well, for me as a morning person it is probably easier to say as for a night owl, for the night owls, think about what makes you stay up late at night *smile*.

Do you know the feeling watching the sunrise and the sunsets when you travel and having the exciting and emotional feeling in your tummy? It is so much fun to spend some time at a great place with running around on long grass fields, watching the sun, jumping over the waves at the sea and having the sky presenting you stunning colours. Here is what it was like at this photoshoot.

Being on a journey, you feel often like being back in CHILDHOOD and you see the BEAUTY in the SMALL THINGS. Everything you discover is so special and makes you excited. How would it be to have photoshoot while you are on vacation. You leave the daily live behind you and feel so PURE and life feels special.

In the past years I was capturing more and more pictures of families being on their JOURNEY and I added some video sequences to the photo session to which I make up together with the pictures FUSION VIDEO. Pictures are great and they reflect many special moments and once you have the prints in your hands, they are timeless and soo remind of that feeling every time you hold the prints in your hands. IMAGINE having as well a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot. How much fun would this be. It adds so much value to the photo session and the kids love watching it.

How would YOU FEEL when you would have some pictures of you and playing in your grandparents garden AND as well a small video of it?

I do love the pictures I have from me being in my grandparents garden being surrounded by our pets. The pictures are all black and white and shot on film and it is some of the MOST VALUED things I own and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to offer this as well to you and to add some behind the scenes sequences to it. So choose a place you love and make sure you have some memories of you, of you and your hubby or your best friends or of you and your family. I can’t wait to meet at your favourite place which could be home, your favourite spot next to you home or while you are on your journey. Fusion videos are as well available for NEWBORN SESSIONS at home.

Many hugs

Michaela Janetzko Photography from Michaela Janetzko on Vimeo.