6 Tips how to include Happiness in your daily life



Hi everybody out there,

as many of you know, I’m spending right now some time in New Zealand. My travels abroad help me a lot to get back to the ground and to focus on what is really important in life. So today I want to focus on Happiness. This blogpost is about providing you some happiness tips, especially for cold winter nights with snow.

While traveling, you spent your journey often with looking out of the window of the plane or a bus and you start thinking a lot about life and the last months and you are fascinated by all the great thing you see and you experience different lifestyles and happiness in various cultures.

Last year, right before my journey I read a book called “Lieblingsmomente”which was about all the small and great moments in life that you should enjoy. The author Adriana Pompescu told a story about a photographer and all the sweet moments she enjoyed. There are many things you can focus on to make your daily life happy.


1. Connect to the right people

This week I was listening to a live session of the photographers Carmen&Ingo and Nadia Meli. They were talking about connecting with the right people. Persons that share the same interests and ideas of a great life. Positive people that help each other and that you want to spend a lot of time with. People that are happy about all the great things in life and people that don’t complain all the time about things that doesn’t matter. Life is too short to spent it with the people you don’t share the same ideas with.


2. Be grateful

Life is about being grateful for all that we have. During my 3years, working in different wards in a hospital, I experienced what really matters in life. One of the most important things is health. We can be all soooo happy to live the life we have. Be happy about having a good health. You don’t think much about it, when being healthy. So be grateful for having a great body (even you might think sometimes a few kilos more or less should be fine – honestly that doesn’t matter). Be grateful for living in a secure environment, for having a great social system, family and friends that care about you and enough to eat and drink.



3. Simplify

Honestly, how many things do you have in your household that you don’t really need. It’s all ballast that you take from one house to another and that takes up so much space. Have three boxes ready and go through all of it. One box for things you need, one box for things you donate and one box with stuff to throw away. It helps you a lot. You’ll see as well how many things you bought and never touched. In the future, focus on buying things that you really need. And think twice about it. It feels so good once you got rid of everything. You’ll feel way better and more free. When it comes to food, focus on “clean eating”, which means enjoy drinking water instead of juices full of sugar, go to the markets, get fresh vegetables and fruits and focus on knowing what you eat. It is the philosophy of knowing what is on your plate. Avoid artificial food and unhealthy. Your body will need a while to get used to it, but give it a couple of days and you’ll feel so much better and you’ll enjoy every bite. A good book is: Simplify your life.


4. Don’t care too much about what others think

Hey, honestly, your life is about YOU. You are the person that should make the decision about how you want to life. If you love living next to a lake, go for it. If you wanna wear a new fancy outfit today, go for it. Be brave in life. Go for journeys, start a new relationship, built a tiny house, life in a new country, start having kids and be crazy sometimes. If you feel like driving to Italy just on the weekend. Go for it. Let your heart decide. It is about us, our feelings and ours ideas. Your friends love you for being yourself and having crazy ideas.


5. Have some free time

The idea of a work/life balance is not something new. And it’s sometimes harder to realize than you think. Especially when you are self-employed and your free time and the things you love are becoming one. But it doesn’t help sitting all day long in front of your computer and keep working. Define your work time and your time for activities with friends and other hobbies. You can enjoy your free time more conscious when defining the time frame in advance. I love using my week planner from Kikki K. for my planning. Once I’ve finished my goals for the day, it is time for some free-time away from my office. Last week I saw this great quote that the photographer Frank Lange shared:


We weren’t born to just pay bills and die.


6. The small things matter

I love this TEd-talk from Nigel Marsh where he is talking about happiness. He talks about his family life and his kids. One day his kid told him that it was the best day of his life, when his dad spent some time with him. So go out in the world and spread some love. I know this sounds very esoteric and crazy, but thats what life is about. A smile from another person when you walk down the street. Some kids waving from a bus next to you and giving you some energy, when you are out for a run and wanna finish the 5km run. A small gesture from the bus driver, the lady in the shop and so on. Turn off the Tv, don’t watch too much of the news and focus on you and your environment. Care about the people around you. People that you meet in your daily life. “The small things matter, … with the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform the quality of your life”. If everybody does it, it can transform society – Nigel Marsh.


So go out there and enjoy life. Enjoy the nature to get back to the earth, travel, meet friends and be happy.

Hugs from New Zealand.


Michaela Janetzko